Posted on: 2018-10-03 by Agustindelatorre

Excuse my english, last night (minutes ago) i dreamt that i was in a different country (im from argentina) like switzerland with my gf and my friend, we were at a party and she left to go sleep where she lived, me and my friend were in charge of leaving the house in order before we took off to her place but at some point i started to feel like i was completely high and i wanted to go to sleep with her, we left the place and started walking through the streets without really knowing where we were like being completelly fucked up except i could think perfectly, it was at night and everything felt really hostile after a while we arrived to some kind of concrete gallerie like a sewer full of people really tense and there was a fog and smoke and some neonazi screams were heard in the background it felt completely dangerous just to be there, i was using my phone to call her and tell her to open the door and let us in because the stairs to the door were full of people that were trying to get a paycheck from the govmnt when a guy told me to keep my phone in my pockets for safety and that he was going to give me his paycheck because i needed it more than him but i said i was ok, after a while i talked to her through a window and she told me ive forgotten to close the kitchen door at the other house at this point the dizziness had intensified and i didnt want to be outside anymore but i said ok i will go again close it and come back grabbed a bunch of keys and started to walk but at some point i got into a bathroom with a girl and fucked her raw for a while completely nervous because of stds and i watched her hair and skin and it had fungus on it so i stopped tried to get dressed and took off IMD not even once i doubted that what i was seeing was real. I was lucid dreaming but with that dizzy feeling.