Posted on: 2012-08-10 by Guest

The other night I had this crazy dream. I had been invited to a big resort-type place out in the middle of nowhere for some reason (I think it had to do with work), for a two week long vacation. I met a group of people I'd never met before and we all started talking and bonding and such. But people started going missing left and right and one member of our party always seemed to be there when people disappeared. Scared to death, several of us tried to get out after finding a body wrapped in a big plastic bag, but he stopped us, locking us in. Telling us that those people "had to die" because they were trying to escape. We were there for what seemed like forever, not sleeping at night, jumping at every sound, we didn't know what his plans were but knew he was insane for he had killed innocent people for no reason. One night, while he was distracted, we ran. Myself, a man, and a woman. He followed us when he realized we were gone and eventually the woman fell behind and was caught and murdered when he suffocated her as he had done the others. The man and I jumped into a car and sped away, putting as much distance between us and the resort as we could. After nearly 100 miles we stopped at a gas station, to get gas and try to call our families, but when I walked into the store to pay for the gas, there was the man from the resort. Smiling. And then I woke up.