Posted on: 2018-12-18 by Brrena

About a year ago i lost my dad to cancer. Since then ive had many dreams of him. One dream he came to me, i thought that i was awake and a dark cloud began to manifest in the room. It got closer until i could finally see him. He told me not to worry about him that he couldnt visit me for very long but he could visit sometimes. It was very scary because i couldnt move. I tried to ask him to stay but he then left and i woke up crying and freaking out. Is it possible for the dead to come to you? In another dream he explained to me how to get to him. We were at his house but there was more to the house, we went throught many doors and rooms and he explained how the other world worked, at least how he could come to me. What is that, does that mean anything?