Posted on: 2018-12-19 by thevoidwalker

I got a job at a Mattress Firm in a mall. Seemed like a really easy job compared to my last retail gigs. The space oddly shared a pharmacy and chiropractor. The manager would end up directing customers to either me to sell them a mattress or the clinic. I think the clinic and store worked in tandem to sell meds and mattresses to customers. No idea. Anyway, on one of my days of working a younger man and an older woman come in seemingly to shop for a mattress. For some reason, I was either taking a nap on a mattress or just taking a break (slow day). When they came in, I grew very sleepy. I became completely non-functional. I couldn’t walk right, talk right, see well, and I was close to passing out as I walked/crawled towards them to help them. The younger man at first commented that I shouldn’t work so hard to the point of exhaustion but I was more worried because I knew overwork wasn’t the cause of your condition. He seemed to grow eerily interested at this and turned to his older friend saying things like, “she must be one of us. Her form doesn’t have the energy to hide it’s true self with us in her presence.” They eventually leave leaving me half-conscious on the floor. I go to the company computer with your manager to start doing inventory and stock. All of a sudden, I start hyperventilating and have weird hallucinations. I see signs with creepy backwards writing on the screen, creatures appearing, and ominous warnings. My manager tells me she doesn’t see or hear anything and tells me to go home and get some sleep. As I see these hallucinations continue, I remember feeling scared at first but then grow accepting of the creepy things. “She can see them, she is one of us”, I hear a voice say.IMD