Posted on: 2019-01-21 by gigigalaxy4

I was in a pool with John, Bethany and Amber we were having fun. There was something strange with them, I looked around and everyone one was happy although John was not with his girlfriend, Bethany was always staring at me as if she wanted to say something, always came close to me and Amber was too nice to me. I started to blink when the lights were going out one by one. I did not know what was happening until I saw everyone dead. I got scared. I realized that I was knocked out somehow. Around me were some creatures that were like the creatures from the hunger games that were in that tunnel, only they did not want to kill me. I saw Alison in a tunnel looking for Jordan. I whispered Alison when she turned around to me. She said she is scared and wants to come home. I had no idea what was going on. She saw a man at the distant and thought it was Jordan. I told her don’t go, its not him. She didn’t believe me. I did not know what to do. The guy turned around a started walking towards us. His face, well, no face no eyes just a moth with sharp teeth like a shark. I turned around and we were surrounded by them. I took out my phone as I am afraid of the dark. I told Allison there is only one way of getting out. We had to drown one person. The creatures were attracted to smell and sound. I told Allison I am not going to drown you. But she said good cause I will drown you. That’s when I got mad and said I always knew you were that kind of person. So, I went underwater and started swimming towards the exit slowly. Allison said Goran loudly to me. I knew that if I swim underwater, they will not hear me or smell me. but Allison just got her self killed. They all ran and started tearing her apart. There was nothing I could do. As I got out of the water, I found a drain. I went In and saw john trying to escape from the hands of the creature. I went to help. I saved him from it. He said cheers I owe you one. I asked where the others. He said no idea, but we need to get off this island. We started swimming in the drain there was no air and john was getting out of breath, there was a glass circle window ahead of us. I showed John what to do and how to open it when I gave him my last breath into his body. He smashed the glass window open and on the other side he saw Bethany and amber. They were happy to see us. John told them what happened and how I saved him and that I knew more about zombies than anyone on that island after Bethany saved me from dying. She put her mouth on me which later on was pretty awkward for me. But that’s how she saved me. I told them we must get off this island tonight. Then we were standing by a train. I told them to get on. as they got on the zombie or whatever they were, they were running after us. The train started to go. I was running after the train while my friend we’re scared for my life. I told John to pass me a gun, and so he did. I shot at the ceiling that was made of ice. It was falling when I shot. I ran and ran and slipped under the falling ice wall. The creatures were no longer there. Then John pulled me onto the train. We were talking about things in life. That’s when Amber and John kissed, they became bf and gf. Bethany asked me what about you do you have anyone you love in that way. It was a trick question as I am a terrible liar. I knew that Bethany liked me as more than a friend. That’s when I said better to not say a thing then to regret it. I looked at a map on the table, and I knew where we were going. So, I calmed down. We came to the USA and they did not believe there were survivors. They asked John about the situation and the zombies, but John told them he knew nothing about it and that they should ask me. So they did, I told them everything I knew about them and the whole thing. Bethany came up to me a kissed me on the lips. I said wouw wouw, what are you doing. She said I love you. I said as a friend, not a bf. She said no your wrong. It was strange cause I never actually realized that, I always do. She told me to stop rejecting her and accept that I loved her too. That’s when I realized something. And that’s when I told her I really wish it was like this and that we could be together, but this is just a dream and its messing with my emotions. And then I woke up.