Posted on: 2019-01-25 by Guest

I was in class with people I used to know in high school, but my teacher recently had that come into my life 4 years after I left these people was teaching my class. We were discussing a topic when my phone rang, my mom told me that my dad was being questioned about this mass killing at a mall. I didn’t think anything of it and continued on with listening to my instructor. A girl with the latest we “Apple TV” shows me this contraption, and I’m cycling through the channels. Another girl in my class has to leave because she knew one of the killers and had to leave. My instructor started to show the killings to the class, it’s was a massacre! People were being chopped up and sawed in two and it was so graphic and disturbing I couldn’t wake up when I tried. When I did wake up I was terrified that this might have something to do with the depression of my boyfriend breaking up with me week ago now. I’m really not sure.