Posted on: 2019-02-11 by Guest

Can someone help me figure out what my dreams are trying to tell me? Okay so for the past few years Iv had the almost exact same dream just in different places an different people. It’s always the same concept. It’s started when I was 11 years old or so when my step dad showed up at my door with a gun. I never remember how it starts but here it goes. In this dream I’m always running from multiple people an I’m scared for my life, no matter where I run or how far I go they are always there if I turn a corner an run as soon as I think I’m safe BAM there they are trying to hurt or kill me or do something bad to me. There’s always people I know in this dream to but they just watch as I run for my life an helplessly never getting away. It’s always in a field or apartment complex like it starts in my apartment an a group of men and women bust in my door an run after me witch makes me run an jump out my bedroom window an run to the building next door but when I get to the door an bang on it they let me in, but the people that where chasing me end up being inside already. It’s like a never ending cycle till I wake up. When I wake up I feel almost paralyzed an sweaty an scared an get an automatic panic attack. It’s happening more an more often an I’m scared that my dream is trying to tell me something. How do I stop this dream I’m 18 years old now an still terrified EVERYTIME I get it.

Guest2022 on 2019-02-13 said:
I think you need to leave the town, you and your family, all of you need to leave the town. The dream shows that there is some kind of trouble between you or one of your family and other people and I think they are planing to kill him. I dont know who exactly theyre trying to kill. I need more info, so you have to ask your self do you have trouble with specific people? if not then I need to know if you are male or female if you are male then perhaps your dad or your step dad got some trouble with some people? if not it could be your uncle? or your brother? and if you are female then it could be your mom or step mom or your sister etc.. If you think that my explanation of your dream is true then I highly recommended you to take all your family and leave the town before someone die.