Posted on: 2019-02-14 by Smokey424

Had about 3 dreams over 2 weeks this was one that stuck Out the appreciate any help in its meaning. There was some sort of rivalry btween mine and another attractive girl starts comin on to me.i go with it n agree to meet in old carpark round back of red lion(a local pub this was in my town).theres somthin familer about her i realise at some point iv seen her before she’s part of the otha family.its late no one around.i rig up a tape deck connected to a ballon that auto inflates(to get it outa there if something happens).she comes we talk for bit then she gets tangled and the ballon pulls her up i grab rope but every time i pull it the ballon callapses n she smacks the ground then it reinflates and pulls her up agen.i could’nt save her i tryed a couple more times but i carnt get her.i let go in the end and could do nothing but stand there frozen watchin her float away with a deep feeling of dred i think i killed her.i start to realise the tape deck is still connected and got my voice onit did she say my name?.i get outa there gota get home i go out back way walkin up derby road and walk in an appartment buildin then realise im lost is this a hospital?im not sure i even remember where home is aargh wtf.i get my phone out to check maps but it wont load n im so confused n worred.then i wake up still feelin confused n worryed.