Posted on: 2019-03-11 by LindseyMH

A bus or tram was coming up a hill from a shore, which had flooded, perhaps at high tide or for some other reason. The vehicle was following tracks laid into the road when, passing through water, an electrical failure caused everyone in the bus to be electrocuted. Looking inland, a tower block had similarly been affected by the flood/water/electricity. There were signs of fire—half of the facade was black —and everyone had died. A group of us realised we should have been among those people and that we now had nowhere to go and no supplies but that we would need to head inland, to higher ground. We seemed to be in Central or Eastern Europe because someone suggested going to stay with a friend at an apartment in Corfu, which would involve a trip to the south west of our location. The group realised they were suddenly refugees. None of this bears any relation to my current interests nor to anyone, place or thing in my own life. I’m recording it here because the dream felt objective—I was observing events unfold without feeling that I was invested in them or that I was a part of them, and the symbols seemed strong—and in these ways it is similar to a few dreams I’ve had which have been prophetic.