Posted on: 2012-11-19 by Guest

I was in the apartments with a guy I like. I've been knowing him since elementary school and now were in high and he's a year younger than me. He looked more muscular than he does in real life. We were being affectionate and hugging and kissing nd I wanted him to ask me out in the dream but didn't. Then we had to leave and there's a hill between my apartments and the ones we were at. As he was leaving I told him to come back later and he said okay. As I was going up the hill I saw a curled up yellow snake and I got scared so i went back but I kept seeing more snakes so I decided to go near the sidewalk but there were even mire snakes and I saw black snakes and then I started seeing big black bugs. Then I started running on the streets because I couldn't step anywhere on the sidewalk without stepping on snakes and then I continued to run home snakes

chinupxc on 2015-05-28 said:
when your in the apartment you were dreaming of your desires of what you want with him the body to how he treats you, but after he walks away your scared and kinda blocking the good thoughts because you fear of being rejected in a way, the yellow snake had a sign of a positive path ( the yellow snake is curled up because its not ready to head to the path its like stuck) but the black snakes says the your sad or something along those lines. mainly feel your dream trying to tell you that your scared of what he might actually say and thats what putting you in the dark snake path of sadness. your mind want your to be but your fear is overpowering your heart you can say. this is my interpretation of your dream.