Posted on: 2012-11-26 by MiQ

Last night, the other dream I had I was in the back right-side passenger seat of my parent’s vehicle. My youngest brother was in it; sitting next to me. My father was driving and my mother was in the passenger seat. We were driving and all of the sudden we were driving through debris and we were trying to get through it without running over things. I think my dad caused an accident as a car was side swiped because we were trying to avoid the debris. We started to lose control of the car as we were going into the underpass tunnel but my father managed to keep control of the car. Then we were rear ended; and into the tunnel we went out of control. There was already an accident ahead of us. We almost smashed into it but we stopped just before it. The tunnel was full of cars and rocks; it was blocked. Then all of the sudden a huge accident was happening behind us. There was a large truck and it was pushing everything else in front of them toward us; we were caught in the middle. I began to freak out because it was either stay in the car and get smashed, suffocate to death in the tunnel because the airways were closed off, have the protection of the vehicle or get out of the vehicle and risk being hit anyways by falling rocks or other cars but have the chance to get out. My dream stopped when the accident in the back stopped coming toward us. I had the door halfway open. IMD