Posted on: 2013-04-06 by heather563

Last night I was walking home, but when I got there I noticed something wasn't right. The place seem deserted. So before going inside my house I looked into my kitchen window. I thought I seen someone inside that looked like a zombie type figure. I started to worry thinking to myself how I better find some place safe and fast. I decided to go up onto my neighbour's roof and somehow managed to jump on top of it. By then I felt tired and just lied there on my back. While all of a sudden a boy wearing all black appeared beside me. He then went closer to the edge of the roof and told me to come look at something. I went over to him to take a look. To my surprise I seen a few dead dogs lying around on the ground near the house. They looked like something had been eating from them. The boy pointed out how each of them had their livers left out beside them. I then noticed that there were also some "live" dogs as well but of course they were zombies. For some reason we needed to get to a tree nearby. So we both jumped off the roof and ran as fast as we could to the tree. The dogs ran after us but didn't catch up in time. When we started climbing the tree the boy showed me a faster way to climb where we hopped from branch to branch. We climbed as high as we could but the dogs managed to get part way up. The boy tried to kick them down but one of the dogs grabbed his leg and pulled him down off of the tree.The boy tried to fight off the dogs but one of the dogs ended up biting him. He then yelled out to me to go get an orange because apparently that could cure him before he turned into a zombie as well. He told me that there was a supply of oranges in a fridge nearby. The fridge was outside so I could see where it was. I quickly got to the fridge while the dogs were distracted and opened it up. I seen a bunch of oranges stacked up inside and grabbed one. When I got back up the tree I tossed it to him and he started to eat it right away. It turned out that he was right, it cured him after all. Thankfully the dogs stopped bothering us for awhile and we watched them as they interacted with each other. They seemed like they were playing like normal dogs.At one point I thought one of the dogs was actually a normal dog but wasn't sure. We then decided to try and make a cure for the zombies. Using the oranges we started squeezing the juice out of them into a container while still in the tree. I noticed there was also some lemons or limes already in the container. Then all of a sudden we see this family with a little girl walking towards us. They were zombies just like the dogs. When they got to the tree the little girl started to climb up it. We tried to get farther up again but she was to fast for us both, it was like she had super powers. When she caught up to us she just sat on a branch beside me it turned out that she seen that I was squeezing oranges and she just wanted to help me. I gave her the orange I had in my hand and she started squishing it until the juice came out. She tried to bite me when I tried to help but I managed to pull my arm away. I took the squeezed orange pieces from her and kept them in my hand just in case she tried to bite me again. Once we had the container full and ready to be tested out the boy told me to go and find some cups to pour the juice into. That way we could give the juice to the girl and her family to drink. I went into my house while somehow managing to avoid the dog and her parents. I didn't see anyone inside. I went to the cupboards and took out two cups and poured the juice into them. IMD